JP Spolservice AB


JP Spolservice AB is a subsidiary of JP Relining AB and is located at the same premises at Hisingen. The company has all the expertise needed to offer pipe and sewage maintenance of the highest quality. Both companies work closely together and work actively to ensure that you as a customer are satisfied from the first contact to completed work. 

high pressure pipe flushing

JP Spolservice offers high-pressure flushing at everything from emergency stops to maintenance flushing, sludge suction, and camera inspection. They are characterized by a high sense of service, modern technology, and experienced staff and are comprehensive in sewer maintenance and renovations of your pipes and sewer.


We offer fast service and round-the-clock emergencies with a short setting time. 

JP Relining - A safe choice

We are members of the industry organization Brif 3Q and you can be completely confident with the quality of the work performed. At JP Relining AB we are experts in relining and help daily individuals, commercial companies and managers throughout Sweden. Let us help you with your pipes. 

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact us if you need help with relining or a pipe cleaning at a stop in the drain. We perform relining for commercial companies, managers, and private customers throughout Sweden. Have you had an emergency stop in the drain? We have a 24-hour on-call service with a specially equipped car which means that we can be on site quickly. If you want to know more about the benefits of relining in comparison with, for example, replacing pipes, you are welcome to contact us. JP Relining AB is the modern full-service company, your personal expert on relining, camera inspection, and sewage treatment.

JP Relining AB
Backa Strandgata 14
422 46 Hisings Backa
Tel 031 53 40 04
JP Relining AB is a full-service company in the maintenance and renovation of day and wastewater systems in properties.